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When Betty White, America’s Golden Girl of Comedy, was asked how she reached the age of 90, she replied, “Try not to die!”  Now while that is funny, it should make everyone pause and think about the real meaning of such an insightful statement.  How many of us are really living like we are trying not to die?

Realizing that time flies whether we’re having fun or not, I’m on a quest to find the common sense approach to living a few more decades in great mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.  How about you?  I’ll be writing about the things we are all experiencing as we go through life, especially when we listen to what our body is trying to tell us.  My hope is that after reading my posts, you’ll be motivated to think about your own longevity goal and be inspired enough say, “That’s good to know!”

Did you know you can add years to your life?  Well, good news!  Research shows that having a POSITIVE ATTITUDE about your aging can add more than seven years to your life. Optimism helps in every aspect of living, plus, it can aid in healing and reducing pain.  Smiling even has health benefits.   Of course everything depends upon choosing a healthy lifestyle and keeping killer toxins, like anger, stress, grudges, guilt and gluttony from controlling your life.

Along with doing your part in aiming for longevity, perhaps my stories about life’s ups and downs will help you avoid those same pitfalls or cope with similar situations you may be facing.  For instance, after reading the post “Goodbye Arthur” I hope you will want to dance for joy like I did if you also discover the culprit robbing your well-being.

dancing illustration

As you read the post “A Joyful Noise” you may be surprised to learn that music is marvelous medicine, good for what ails you.

The information in the “Dumbbells and Diet” series explains how to protect your most valuable “assets” and you’ll see how physical activities that you enjoy can actually be your “lifesaver.”

Whatever your endeavor, I’m pulling for you to be able to really enjoy life to the fullest for many more years to come.

Be sure to read the “About You” and “About Me” pages.

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6 thoughts on “Home Page”

  1. Goodness, I feel like I have found a soulmate. Love what you say in this post and I will read all of yours in time!

  2. Thank you for the inspiring comment. I plan to keep following your blog.

  3. Hello,
    I have enjoyed reading the subject on longevity. The best is learning how to live long in a healthy manner. Who would want to live a long life filled with illness. You are a blessing to all to carry us on your journey of life. Thank you for this information. I will always follow you.

  4. I love the detail in your writing.

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