Back when I was trying to figure out how I wanted this blog to look, I knew that the picture at the top of the page had to be bright and colorful.  It didn’t take long before a rainbow came to mind.  Of course back then I didn’t know that in “blog-speak” I was talking about an image, and that the top of the page is the header.  So, without knowing how to find images, I went online and typed “pictures of rainbows”.  I had a wonderful time going through pages of photographs and illustrations trying to find just the right one.

One day I scrolled down a page and there was my image, but not at all what I had envisioned.  Day after day I would go back to the site just to sit and look at my rainbow, wondering if it could be used as a header.  After several weeks of staring and thinking and wondering, I decided to buy it.  There was something about it, a feeling I could not explain, and now I know why:

It’s not fancy or slick, and a masterpiece it is not, but as far as I’m concerned, it is beautiful, mostly because of the feeling inside whenever I log in to my site.  It’s like a window opened wide to let in a whole lot of sunshine, drenching me in “peace that passes all understanding”.

I would like to step into the picture, stroll down the hill, and stop to rest under that magnificent tree.  There I would sit and count my blessings while basking in the warmth of the day–marveling at the Lord’s handiwork.

The CLOUDS — as after a rain one expects sunshine,

                     so after pains one longs for comfort* — HOPE

The SKY — I’m so pleased it’s wearing blue this day!GRATEFULNESS

The TREE — our beautiful provider of the breath ofLIFE

The RAINBOW — bright, refreshing promise of LOVING-KINDNESS

The GRASS — green pastures for rest and restoring of souls — THANKFULNESS

May it bring a sense of peace to you also.

*Unger’s Bible Dictionary

Images from stockhouse 123RF.com

Photographer – Tanatat Ariyapinyo